Sharon DiGiulio

Sharon DiGiulio is a multi-media artist living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina. She currently runs her own business, DiGiulio Project, LLC, teaches workshops in and around the area in Acrylic Collage, Mixed Media, and Encaustic and is the director of Art of the Carolinas, the largest consumer art supply and workshop expo in the country, now in its 18th year.

Sharon’s passion for experimentation and exploration allows her to dive into several different media and just see what happens! Trained professionally as a printmaker and graphic artist, mixed media offers a freedom in making art with no boundaries. “I love to push the envelope in making my art, trying to create something that is all my own. I believe that is the greatest thing about art is that you really get the chance to express yourself as you wish and you don’t need to justify it. I truly enjoy the process of getting into that zone in my studio, playing some music and just letting go. That is the true joy of being an artist. I’ve learned to throw all that judgment out the window and express my individuality”. Sharon shares her home and studio with her husband, Joe DiGiulio, also an artist.