Ryan Mays

Ryan Mays Cast Bronze Saw-whet Owl 5x6x13.5

This Cast Bronze Saw-whet Owl Sculpture was created by Ryan Mays in Montpelier, Vermont. Ryan described his process as follows, “I modeled the owl in clay. Then, I made a mold and cast a wax copy that I covered in a ceramic material. I fired the ceramic and melted away the wax. I then poured molten bronze into the owl-shaped cavity.”
Ryan’s Saw-whet Owl is mounted on a green serpentine stone he found in the brook near his home. He cut the stone to be flat and polished the top surface. Saw-whet Owls are slightly smaller than his sculpture. Ryan and his sons get to see them up close every October when their local nature center sets up a research banding station. The petite nocturnal owl lives and breeds in the extensive forests of northern states and migrates to the dense evergreens of the South.

5" x 6" x 13.5"
9.4 lbs.